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Spa Services



  • Eyebrow$10
  • Chin$10
  • Lip$10
  • Eyebrow, Lip, and Chin$25
  • Sides$10
  • Bikini$25*
  • Full Leg$50*
  • Full Leg with Bikini$75*
  • Underarm$20*
  • Full Arm$30*
  • Half Arm$15*
  • Brazilian$70*

Facial Services

Relaxation Facial

European facial with décolleté and shoulder massage. Includes hand mitt treatment to soften and hydrate dry hands. Products to suite your skin type.

  • 60 minutes$65*

Mini Facial

Excludes extractions or facial massage.

  • 45 minutes$50*

Mini Micro Cleanse

Micro and mask.

  • 30 minutes$60*

Teen / Acne Facial Steam Cleanse

Exfoliate skin, extractions, and massage to help heal and restore skin.

  • 50 minutes$55*

Back Rejuvenation Steam Cleanse

Exfoliate skin followed by massage, hot towel and masks beyond your reach.

  • 55 minutes$75*

Glycolic Peel with Facial

Improves texture and appearance of skin by dissolving dead skin cells. Helps clear power of acne prone skin, smooths fine lines in mature skin… Love the skin you’re in!

  • 60 minutes$80*

Microderma Brasion

Mechanical exfoliation that is used to help diminish sun damage, pigmentation, open and closed comedones, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and coarse-textured skin.Best results when done in 5 treatments, 12-14 days apart from each other.

  • 5 treatments – 60 mins$425 (paid up front)
  • 1 treatments – 60 mins$100

FACIAL UPGRADES – Only $15 each
Principessa Exclusive Skin Care Line Used

The Cherry Mask
Hyperpigmentation / Aging / All Skin Types
Help improve blood circulation and stimulate the renewal of new skin cells with this mask. Also effective in clarifying the complexion

The Eucalyptus & Collagen Mask
Acne Prone / Irritated Skin.
This bacterial mask helps to prevent acne and blackhead formation. Super hydrating, it helps soothe inflammation, diminish recovering scar tissue and balance oil production.

The Green Tea Mask
All / Dry Skin
Offer intense hydration and antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. Tones and helps prevent wrinkles while reducing inflammation and redness. Great for dry and environmentally damaged skin.

The Jasmine & Collagen Mask
Sensitive / Dry Skin
Specially formulated for sensitive, dehydrated and fatigues skin, this soothing mask calms swelling, dryness, redness and irritation and helps replenish healthy collagen tissue to prevent premature aging. Great for fatigue skin.

Cellulite Body Wrap

Body Massage with essential oil blends, targeting problem areas. Wrapped in heated blanket to promote breakdown of fatty deposits and the release of toxins. Followed by hot towels…. Melt away inches in one appointment!